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Aug. 20th, 2008

honeysyn, confuzed

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(in the best way)

Wow. Shocked can't even begin to describe how I'm feeling right now. I'm not even gonna lie, my love for Honeysyn was dying when instead of finishing Charles/Jay drama the nuu decided to start a new chapter with a different set of characters but this.....just fucked me. Seriously. I cannot wait to see the next page, because this is so WTFdncshfjkfggbnm;?! That I need to know. To understand.

Aug. 13th, 2008

delicious, sexy

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After 45 episodes of angst, drama, intense sexual tension, and jealousy Christian and Ollie hooked up! Well actually they did that a couple of episodes ago too, no, instead, after 45 episodes, Christian has admitted what EVERYONE already knew: He wanted to have hot kinky monkey sex with Ollie! That and he's gay/bi.

Aug. 11th, 2008

tired, proud

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No seriously it is. Thanks to awesome users like LukeVanFan and AllAboutStrength who have introduced me to wonderful video series such as Luke & Noah's Story and Roman and Deniz. Youtube is no more a random videosite that only exists for me to check out the occasional music video. Now, now indeed, it has become the smexi boy love on video utopia or if you want to get technical slashtube; broadcast your gay love!

Another great thing is now I can fill my dwindling 16GB zen with many little videos without taking up too much space. Go me for total finding this jewel among the rocks of the net.

Aug. 9th, 2008

squee, rant


Yeah I'm not gonna lie. I don't care to much about the Summer Olympics. I'm personally just waiting to see if there's ice skating, which I love cause it <i>purrtty</i>. Although, I heard Michelle Kwan, retired, which sucks. Majorly.

Anyways I saw the last hour of the beginning yesterday. Super cool. Moon <u>running</u> on the side of a stadium while a scroll is rolling out. Is WOW. Very cool on China's part.

I'm so loving how a country other than America or European is holding the Olympics. It proves that there is an asian country now, that is politically and economically strong enough to handle the Olympics. My only concern, is if China will win a lot of medals. It'll be embarrassing as a host country if they don't.

A while back, I remember reading this article in Time about how Chinese bodies aren't really strong enough to win some of the Olympic sports, which when thinking about it made sense because Asian bodies in general, from what I've seen, are usually short and lithe. So at first the Chinese used <u>steroids</u> to help win. I didn't research enough to see if that actually won them some medals or if they were found out immediately and disqualified. I also doubt they were the only country since sports and steroids have long been intertwined.

So yeah, this year, especially with the U.S.'s new found morals, they're steroid free. Definitely can't be disqualified in <b> their own</b> Olympics. Their methods are still a bit sketchy or maybe that's how Time wanted it represented. Anyway, according to Time, what they've been doing is taking kids from remote villages , who look like they'll be great athletes, and basically training them intensely. Now, again, I doubt their the first ones to train people since they were little to be athletes but what bugs me is if they fail or retire, what do they have to do as other career options besides coaching? I doubt as athletes to be, they were really concerned about education.

I think other countries have that problem with their athletes too. The only difference, here in America, is our athletes become crazy rich. So if they spend they're money wisely they're good for life.

Who knows? I'm tired and gotta do some work.

Aug. 4th, 2008


Yesterday, I was surfing Yahoo!answers looking to help and answer people's questions when I found this question about Top 12 Hardest To Deal With Horoscope Personalities. It basically had the 12 signs listed from which sign the poster thought was hardest to deal with to easiest to deal with and I was happy to see Scorpio(me) at 9 while Sagitterous was at 12(no surprise there!). As for answers, it really bugged me to see that Scorpio was always in the top 5 of hardest to deal with and I hated it.

Because out of all the Zodiac signs, Scorpio's undoubtedly have the worst rep.

We're basically the anti-christ of the signs. We are manipulative, cunning, passionate, jealous, and of course possessive. Look up ANY information about Scorpio's and you'll see one or two, or EVEN all of these words used to describe us.

Honestly, what really sucks about this and what draws me to Horoscopes in the first place is, they describe me perfectly. And I hate it. I hate being the passionate, intense person.  I hate always being the quiet, watchful one. I know I can be possessive and jealous as hell. I do forgive, but I damn well never forget. I've always been this way. Even when I was a little girl. If someone backstabbed me, you know I'd be wary of their friendship.

I wanna say, Horoscopes aren't real and that they only combine personality traits that everyone has and stick them onto different signs but I know that's not true. Horoscopes I don't know why or how, describe people perfectly and absolutely spot on.

Do I have different faces that I give to different people? Hell Yeah! I'm the sarcastic daughter. The silly and adventurous best friend. The sweet and perfect niece. The studious student.
I don't like being a scorpio at all. I want to be a carefree pieces or even the perfect sagitterious. Not the mean and vengeful scorpio.

Jul. 23rd, 2008

Just Finished Kingdom Hearts 2


The ending was really cute and the secret video seemed cool because I'm really excited over the thought of a female keyblade wielder. In KH2 I really wanted Kairi to have a keyblade and fight with it considering it became apparent that Sora was not the only one able to harness one.

The girl(s?) in the video seemed really hardcore and intense. In fact the whole thing did which I loved. I really don't think that means KH3 will be really serious because I remember KH1 secret video which also gave a mature view to the next game when in reality it was only that world.

Speaking of worlds I was thinking to myself while watching the ending the possible worlds in KH3. I crossed of Atlantica and Halloween Town just because they had been done twice and their stories where already finished. So far I thought that the Olympus Colliseum, Radiant Garden, Pride Lands(?), Pirates Of The Caribbean would definitely be there. At the credits they showed the girl from the lion king 2 being born which I think meant that she would make an appearance also Pirates of the Caribbean has a sequel which would be cool to show and the whole world I think was a graphic achievement because the mixed drawing styles looked nice together, The Olympus Colliseum actually could go either way. SE/Disney could continue their tradition of the tournaments or just let it go since Hercules story is pretty much done and they could always hold turnaments somewhere else.

Radiant Garden
Pride Lands
Pirates Of The Carribean
Finding Nemo

Those are the worlds that have been in my mind for KH3. I've always had this fantasy of Pochahontas fighting beside Sora and using her wind ability and  healing. As for finding Nemo I think it would be a good replacement for Atlantica.

Really right now the hardest things to predict are what seem like traditions. Will they continue Winnie the Pooh or replace him? Will sora or someone like him be the main character or will they switch off? Will sephiroth, cloud, and the whole crew of FF characters be here to play or will SE introduce new ones?

Anyway onto lighter subjects

I can finally understand the riku/sora pairing! They totally want each other. I was sitting through the ending scenes literally feeling the sexual tension! My god. I bet if Riku never found Kairi's letter they'd be totally content staying in the beach together.

Then when Sora had to carry Riku?! Those dirty game designers kept showing lovely views of their arses and Sora (almost) cupping Riku arse! Ooh and then on the island sitting on the tree with Riku. Sora GAZED at him so lovingly it was soo adorable! 
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Jul. 21st, 2008



It. Was. Awesome.

Best Movie of 2008? HELL YEAH!!!

Didn't originally know you well but thanks to Batman: The Dark Knight, I have now come to know you as the best villain ever. And I want to thank you for giving us this brilliant character. Hopefully, you win an award(s) for your wonderful performance. My only regret is that you won't be here for Batman 3 but as a consolation for me I know in my heart that any other actor they put to replace you will tremendously suck and fail to reach your caliber. :]

Jul. 10th, 2008

squee, rant


You know whats depressing?

Seeing a "blank has received a new virtual gift,." alert every freaking time you go to your email.

It is  soo fucking depressing. Really it is. It's like being forced, repeatedly to watch someone win the lottery. Why? Why LJ, would you think people would want to see that. Even if they were best buddies with the person do they really need to know that so-and-so just got an freaktaculous cup of hot chocolate. Till the day I decide to send someone a gift or recieve one PLEASE stop sending me those!!

I'm not a jealous person, so don't make me one.

ooh and you know I'm putting on my serious icon for this post.

Jul. 8th, 2008

See this is me submitting to peer pressure

Jul. 7th, 2008



You know what I just realized, Bands, you know alternative, indie, emo watever, BANDS are super sexy. I'm like shocked. I was just surfing the channels today and I went on On Demand to listen to some alternative rock and the videos....they were mehh. That's not shocking but the band members omfg.
I was honestly so shocked cause these men(yeah all men, sexist industry!) had these skinny sexy little twinks with emo hair cuts. And I was just thinking
I remember skimming throught fandoms one day seeing all these random bands getting uber slashed. I was wtf and me ever the critical cynic, thought seriously, I bet half these people never listened to a single song from these musicians. But after seeing these lithe, pretty boys, my gawd, it hit me! Bands are perfect for slashing. There's all ready the emo/punk angst then all the DRAMA of being muicians. Drugs, jealousy, rival bands. My heads just flashing with old gravitation fiction and WOW. I need to get me some band slash!!

Ooh and i'm definatelt looking for The Cab and Scary Kids Scaring Kids cause their boys are yummy.
the cab
gawd, their so yummy. I want them. To want each other!! *laughs maniaclly*

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